I Am Not Happy With These

I’ve uploaded two new YouTube videos over on my channel and I am very unhappy with them but I’ll post them here anyway. I will be re-recording them soon and, once the the new ones are uploaded, I will be unlisting these originals.

The issue is that they recorded in very low quality (800×600) and I didn’t notice until they were already online. This is the risk of recording videos on a phone and uploading them straight after recording instead of editing on a dedicated editing PC.

The thing is, I want to do more “quickfire” videos like these because they feel so much more organic and real. Anyway, lesson learned. I will verify my camera app’s settings before hitting record, and then watch the videos over before uploading.

This first is how to change the fuse and batteries in a multimeter, specifically my Innova 3320 that I’ve had for several years since I worked at a car dealership.

The second is how to upgrade a Dell Latitude E6440 so it has two hard drives by sacrificing the now-basically-useless optical drive.

I am actually happy with the thumbnails and will reuse those but the videos themselves… ugh.

Well, I hope you enjoyed watching my failures and I will post the new (hopefully less faily) videos here once I have them re-recorded, each with their own individual posts since they will actually be worthy of that. Haha.


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