Manjaro Xfce: Notification Area Tooltip Fix

Disclaimer: I’d like to state that while I’ve been using Linux off-and-on since 2004, I’ve never spent enough time learning the ins-and-outs to get beyond what I would consider “Linux newbie” status so take my tips with a grain of salt.

Recently I stumbled across a video by YouTuber Chris Titus where he recommended Manjaro Linux for people new to Linux, so I decided to give it a try opting for the Xfce edition. It was a very smooth process to get up and running but, as with many new installs, it wasn’t without some minor glitches.

The first issue and, at the time of writing, only real issue I encountered after installing Manjaro in both VirtualBox on my Windows desktop and as the base OS on my Dell Latitude laptop, was the notification area tooltips appearing below the boundary of the screen. Instead of appearing above the icons as should be expected with the panel located at the bottom, they appear below.

You can see a few pixels of the tool tip peaking up below the icons.

After writing this entire post, I accidentally found a better fix while getting screenshots and it’s much simpler. However, the original remainder of the post will be below for anybody interested or who don’t like this workaround. Anyway, here we go! It’s pretty simple.

Open Panel options…

Right-click the Panel > Panel submenu > Panel Preferences…

Then change the row size to 26 pixels.

26 pixels is perfect for me. Adjust as needed for your personal preferences.

It looks like any row size 29 or lower will fix the issue. I found 26 to be perfect for appearance and functionality without having to hide the taskbar but that’s just my personal taste.

If you have any better fixes, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks! Now, back to the original post that I had written before discovering this better (for me) solution. If you want a larger Panel than 30px, the following may be a better fix….

As of yet, I’ve not found an ideal workaround to fix this issue but I did manage to get it to work by opening Panel settings and checking the box labeled “Don’t reserve space on borders”.

Checking the box fixed the tooltip issue but created another one…

This fixed the tooltip issue as they now appeared above the icons as expected. However, now I had a new issue – the bottom portion of windows were now being covered by the panel.

GIMP before (top) and after (bottom). The layer icons are now inaccessible behind the panel.

Oof. So I went back in and set “Automatically hide the panel:” to “Intelligently”.

This fixed the issue entirely!

This fixed the issue, except that the panel now auto-hides, which may not be ideal for everyone. For me, it works because I’ve got a pretty low-res monitor by today’s standards (1366×768) and need all the screen real estate that I can get.

Alternatively, you could move the panel to the top of the screen but I think that is hideous and I hate it.

Anyway, that’s how I fixed the issue. If you have any better recommendations, leave a comment and let me know!

Edited 17 April 2020:
• Added my YouTube video and a page “read more” break that I forgot.
• Properly categorized the post.
• Tweaked formatting and cleaned-up wording in both the title and post body.

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