Detective Pikachu Live Action Pokémon Movie?!

Hashtag fake news, bro.

When my brother told me that a live-action Pokemon movie was coming out, that was pretty much my face. What a horrible idea! And Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu? Wha?! No way. Can’t be real. Hashtag fake news, bro.

Then I searched YouTube and…

Jeebus jizz on a crackho, it’s real. And I want to see it.

Pikapool? Deadchu? Whatever. He. Will. Electrocute. You.
Charizard looks badass! And Pikapool is about to become an extra-crispy snack.
Ohgod, they managed to make Mister Mime even creepier. #NightmareFuel

I didn’t realize that I needed this movie. Give me now! I can’t wait.!

Are you going to go see it? Leave a comment or tweet me @AwkwardPrimate!


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